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Open Textbooks and Open Educational Resources

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Gill, D. (2020). Creating an asset map for student and community success: Finding our strengths through a campus partnership. College & Research Libraries News, 81(11), 545.



See sample conference feedback in blue boxes.

Gill, D., FCTL Think Tank: OER for Accessible, Flexible and Creative Online Teaching Jun 2020
Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning, Rhode Island College

Gill, D. & L. Gumb,  RI Open Textbook Initiative: A Statewide Challenge for Higher Education Apr 2020
Rhode Island Teaching & Learning Network

Gill, D., Open to Support Accessibility and Inclusion Feb 2020
Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning, Rhode Island College

Ernst, D. & D. Gill, Open Textbooks: Access, Affordability, and Academic Success Oct 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning, Rhode Island College Feb 2018

Gill, D., How to measure open textbook and OER progress without numbers? Jul 2019
Breakout-session leader, Open Textbook Network Summit

Brophy-Baermann, M. & D. Gill, Reviving the Messenger: Post-Truth Media LiteracyMay 2019
Rhode Island Library Association Annual Conference

Excellent 50%
Very Good 50%
Good 0
Fair 0
Poor 0

Gill, D., Inroads to Open Access Publishing Mar 2019
Department Chairs Meetings, Rhode Island College

Gill, D., But I Don’t Use a Textbook: Open Educational Resources for All          Mar 2019
Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning, Rhode Island College

Fairchild, D., D. Gill & L. Gumb, All Hands on Deck: Librarians as Advocates of OER Nov 2018
Invited Speaker, State of Rhode Island Office of Library and Information Services, CE

Freeman, D. & D. Gill, Understanding Copyright & Creative Commons           Oct 2018
Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning, Rhode Island College

Gill, D. & L. Gumb, Open Educational Resources: Reimagining Access & PedagogyAug 2018
Invited Speaker, Center for Innovation in Education, Thomas College

Fairchild, D., D. Gill & L. Gumb, Small State, Big Challenge: Creating a Community of Practice for Rhode Island LibrariansMay 2018
NorthEast OER Summit

Gill, D. & L. Kohl, Open Educational Resources: Supporting Student Success in The Classroom with Quality Free and Reusable ContentApr 2018
Innovative Educators Webinar

Report for Open Educational Resources: Supporting Student Success In The Classroom With Quality Free & Reusable Content

  • If you want to know information about OERs and you’re a beginner, this is the webinar you should watch!
  • This was a wonderful webinar with current information on OER sources and answers to questions of concern when using this type of platform.
  • If you want to get started with Open Educational Resources on your campus, this webinar is an ideal starting point for preparing workshop materials.
  • I appreciate the work you have done to find these many open eduction [sic] resources for us. I think I stop when I ask myself, “Where do I find an OER?” Well, you’ve don the work for me. Now I just have to research each and pick through what each offers.
  • Nice, easy-going, non-pedantic intro to the already ongoing field of OERs!
  • This webinar was very informative and leads to my ultimate goal of using OER for my classes at my institution.

Hamouda, S. & D. Gill, Harnessing Faculty Knowledge and Open-Enabled Practices to Create Ebooks and Online Course MaterialsFeb 2018
Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning, Rhode Island College

Gill, D. & L. Gumb, Beyond Savings: Empowering Faculty to Make the SwitchNov 2017
New England Faculty Development Consortium Conference

Poor Fair Good Excellent N/A
Quality of interaction and exchange of ideas. 1.5 11.5
Quality and usefulness of information. 0.5 12.5
Quality of delivery and organization. 1.5 11.5
Quality of handouts and supplementary materials. 13
Overall quality of the session. 0.5 12.5
  • Learned a lot!
  • Interesting – thought stimulating. Good starting place.
  • Great job.
  • Great examples & discussions.
  • Wonderful presentation. I got a lot out of it! Yay for Rhode Island!
  • I liked the collaborative side by side (2 institution) way this was presented. Great job.
  • Great material presented – the ladies were engaging, personable, and worked wonderfully as a team. Highly informative, intelligent responses, well prepared.
  • Both speakers were clear and easy to understand. Good sense of humor. Useful information was shared.
  • Very useful – thank you!
  • Both were knowledgeable and engaging speakers who brought good examples into the presentation.

Barlow, A. & D. Gill, Using Object-Based and Open-Enabled Pedagogy for Authentic Learning Jul & Oct 2017
Adjunct Professional Development Day, Rhode Island College

Gill, D., H. Posey, & A. Tieman Michney,
Opening Up about Open Textbooks: Accounts of Real Work around OER May 2017
Rhode Island Library Association Annual Conference

Excellent 11
Very Good 4
Good 1
Fair 0
Poor 0
  • I learned much more about OER than I previously knew.
  • Very informative and relevant.
  • Like the presenters, I was a little worried I’d be walking into yet another impractical presentation on OER, and was pleasantly surprised. I feel like I walked away with a much better handle on the different considerations involved with OER and what an OER program might look like (as well as the resources to try!)
  • Not really anything new for me here, but good to hear what others are doing.

Coelho, L., Gill, D. & A. Nieves Collaborative Cartography: Creating an Asset Map for Student and Community Success May 2017
Association of College and Research Libraries, New England Chapter Annual Conference

Mainstream Media, Social Media, Fake News, and the “Post-Truth” World, as part of: Feb 2017
Liberal Studies 150: Understanding the Post-Election World, Rhode Island College

Ayton, K, & D. Gill, Kanopy – An On-Demand Streaming Video Solution. Like Netflix, but Better!Jul 2016
Adjunct Professional Development Day, Rhode Island College

Ayton, K, A. Barlow, D. Gill, & L. Perry, UX Study for LibGuides 2 Website Redesign May 2016
Rhode Island Library Association Annual Conference

Excellent 7
Very Good 8
Good 3
Fair 1
Poor 0
N/A (Didn’t attend) 29
  • I thought it would be more about using LibGuides 2. It turned out to be more about the process of creating a website (research into what the public needs/wants.
  • Great example and initiative to start a daunting project such as usability testing. I felt the presentation could have been a bit more organized. One example is that the information about the participants was presented in the middle of the presentation.
  • I very much appreciated the opportunity to hear the team from RIC share their process and experience!
  • Presentation was informative and fun. Comfortable atmosphere. Outstanding question and answer session.
  • UX Study for LibGuides2 Website was highly informative and I loved that they included the College’s Office for Disability Services in the study. I’d love to get involved with the study somehow…
  • Was expecting more of a how-to.
  • Lots of great info — it’s good to hear about someone else’s process -what worked, what could have been done better, great visuals.

Gill, D., Library I: Beginning Research Skills (A Series to Guide Faculty in Developing Student Research Skills) Feb & Apr 2016
Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning, Rhode Island College

Gill & P. Brennan, Pilot to Reduce 1st Year IL Overload (Poster)Oct 2015
Information Literacy Action Round Table, Rhode Island Library Association

Vingo, T. & D. Gill, How the Library is Changing to Support FacultyAug 2013
Faculty/Staff Summer Institute, Mount Ida College


Website Usability Studies

Through a series of UX studies we revised the full library website, then focused on the discovery system and homepage navigation.


We moved the library website from an old platform to LibGuides and overhauled the whole site. Our focus groups included a survey, card sorting and discussion.

2019 – 2020


Learning for Life Asset Map & Central Falls Rhode Island College Innovation Lab Planning Council

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Map of Rhode Island with assets marked in various color dots.


Exhibits & Displays

A Potion for Memory and Wisdom


Professional Development

CITI Program

Completed in preparation of a 2018 US Department of Education Open Textbook Initiative, Phase II Pilot grant application.

Medical Library Association Continuing Education


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