Letters of Recommendation

External Letters of Recommendation


Mikaila Mariel Lemonik Arthur, PhD
Chair and Professor of Sociology
Rhode Island College


Jean Brown, PhD
Former President and Current Board Member, Friends of the Adams Library
Faculty Emerita, English Department
Rhode Island College


Becky Caouette, PhD
Director of Writing
Associate Professor of English
Rhode Island College


Laura Coelho ’17
Data Management Specialist, Learning for Life
Rhode Island College


David Ernst, PhD
Executive Director
Open Education Network


Praveena Gullapalli, PhD
Library Advisory Committee Chair
Associate Professor and Chair of Anthropology
Rhode Island College


Lindsey Gumb, MLIS
Rhode Island Open Textbook Initiative Co-Chair
Scholarly Communications Librarian, Assistant Professor
Roger Williams University


Julie Horowitz, PhD
Former Director, Rhode Island College/Central Falls Innovation Lab
Professor, Department of Educational Studies
Rhode Island College


Janice Okoomian*, PhD
Assistant Professor, English/Gender & Women’s Studies
Rhode Island College

*Letter sent separately, per request of the writer.


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